Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Imagine' A World Of Peace,Understanding,Tolerance: What Really Were In The Tapes and Why The Destruction!

A veteran who's gone through SERE training thinks the reason the torture tapes were destroyed was because they demonstrate the ineffectiveness of torture.

'Imagine' A World Of Peace,Understanding,Tolerance: What Really Were In The Tapes and Why The Destruction!


This above apparently to suggest that during the previous three to four weeks of questioning we were giving him cake and ice cream, cigarettes if he smoked, plenty of rest, frequent trips to the local Starbucks by other agents for Zubaydah's favorite coffee mixture................., and all that just wasn't working.


Kiriakou describes the process of waterboarding, his own experience being waterboarded and how it took only 35 seconds once the technique was employed for Zubaydah to start talking.

Bam, strap him to a board, cover face with cloth, pour water, and this Hardened Terrorists Breaks in 35seconds and gives a bunch of Real Useful Intelligence where American lives were saved as a result of the information the CIA learned through this singular technique of interrogation.

Yet no one seems willing, already known how this terrific intelligence information was gathered, what Exactly it Was and What The Targets were, Nobody!!

It reminds me of Collin Powel at the UN, or Rummy saying the Administration knew exactly where the WMD's were, in Iraq, yet when the Inspectors kept asking for the Known locations the Administration kept saying they couldn't pass that on as it would give away their intelligence sources.

Now my first thoughts were that the tapes show One Hell of Alot More than just Waterboarding was taking place!

My second thought was that they would also show that Absolutely No Relative Intelligence was gathered, no matter How Much We Tortured, these Suspects weren't giving up a Damn Thing, couple that with the Illegality of Torture would make this Extremely Damning for any and all involved!!


That's without mentioning that one of the tapes might have shown a screaming FBI agent holding waving a gun demanding it stop or something. (hat'tip to Little)

FBI agent threatened to arrest CIA interrogators in 2002. (Think Progress)

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