Thursday, December 13, 2007

The True Spirit of Christmas.

Reading the indomitable Pharyngula I came across this: A Jew, a Muslim, and 10 Christians walk onto a train…

Now I'm a man of few means who can't afford to give presents, but it occurred to me that this story makes an excellent Christmas story and writing stories is one thing that I can do. So I'm going to write that story. Anyway, right now if I don't write I'm going to cry but I'll try not to let that affect my tone. Using these articles as sources:

Muslim hero breaks up train beating BY MELISSA GRACE
US Muslim breaks up Christmas-Hanukkah fight (Saves Jewish group from Christian gang)
Helper 'A Hero' in NYC Subway Attack
Muslim saves Jews in subway attack
Muslim helps Jews attacked on New York subway From Nkechi Nneji

So without further ado in the spirit of giving I release the story below to the public domain. It's yours now, you can copy it, reprint it, read it to a roomful of young'uns freely and without restriction.

The True Spirit Of Christmas

One day, on the fourth day of Hanukkah and the seventh day of Christmas, in New York a young Jewish couple and their friends were riding a train to Brooklyn.

On the way someone called out "Merry Christmas". To which the young Jewish man responded "Happy Hanukkah" which it was.

Inexplicably 10 youths started abusing them with language I won't repeat here. Then as the young man tried to intercede he was punched.

Things looked grim, the young Jewish man was heavily outnumbered and the woman with him in danger when suddenly a young Muslim pushed one of the youths away from her.

In return for his troubles, he was grabbed, he was grabbed by youths and beaten.

But, thanks to him the young Jewish man had a chance to hit the emergency brakes alerting the police.

Later, the jew invited the muslim, his new friend to celebrate the Festival of Lights with him. They broke bread together, and commiserated over their injuries.

Good will towards all, and to all a good night.

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