Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh my god...

Just In Case You Didn't Already Know, I'm On The Bipolar Spectrum.

Soldier, After Bipolar Treatment and Suicide Attempts, Sent Back to War Zone:
FORT CARSON A Fort Carson soldier who says he was in treatment at Cedar Springs Hospital for bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse was released early and ordered to deploy to the Middle East with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.


In the December e-mail, Tebo tells brigade leaders: “Evidently, while at Cedar Springs, he was started on psychiatric medications that should have made him non-deployable, but somehow no one was notified. He may have been pending a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, but that information was not passed on at discharge. He deployed with his unit and has not been doing well here.”

In Kuwait, the soldier isolated himself. He said he had “racing thoughts” and couldn’t keep still.

“I was ... burning my fingertips with cigarettes, just anything to keep my mind off of things,” the soldier said. “I had homicidal thoughts. I don’t know at the time if I intended on doing anything. But at the time, it was there, I had homicidal and suicidal thoughts.”

I've been there, not the homicidal thoughts, but then I wasn't in a warzone at the time.

I remember the manic state, racing thoughts, the suicidal thoughts, burning myself with cigarettes just out of a weird curiosity just to see whether I could still feel pain. I could sense it, but I just didn't feel it and it nearly did my head in.

I can't even imagine what being like that would be like in a warzone. It does my head in just trying to think about it.

Oh my god...

Oh my fucking god...

How could they? How dare they. That's just insane.

And people say we're the psycho's...

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